Allinex stands for allograft (all-) information (-in-) exchange (-ex).  An allograft is a blood or marrow transplant where the cells to be transplanted come from a donor – this is also called an allogeneic transplant.  Allinex has been developed initially for the patients who attend the transplant service in Leeds, however lots of the information would be applicable to patients from other centres.  If you are interested in your centre featuring on this website then please contact Dr Maria Gilleece on 0113 2068433.

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The Allinex website is laid out in a number of sections which we hope will be easy to follow and understand.

The sections are:

  • Meet the team – Yorkshire blood and marrow transplant services available such as physiotherapy, psychology, social workers etc.
  • Blood and marrow transplant – what is a transplant and what does it involve, what are the side effects and how do you cope.
  • Everyday Living – advice and guidance on issues that affect everyday life after a transplant such as money matters, relationships, getting out and about and general well-being.
  • Help – using your account, registering and how to join the discussion groups and send a private message to your clinical team.
  • Discussion groups – talk to other patients. This section is password protected, please register (under the Help tab) if you wish to use this function and contribute or read other patients’ experiences.

The allinex project has been funded by The Friends of the Leeds Centre for Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma.

The allinex project is a collaboration between the University of Leeds and the Blood and Marrow Transplant team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

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