Chronic GvHD (cGvHD) can follow acute GvHD (aGvHD) and can appear several months after your transplant, even if you’ve not had the acute form. However you are more likely to get cGvHD if you have had aGvHD. Like aGvHD it may affect your skin, gut, liver or mouth, but additionally it can also affect other parts of your body, such as your eyes, lungs, vagina and joints. Chronic GvHD may be mild or severe, and for some people can go on for several months or even years.

If you click on the headings on the left under Chronic Graft versus Host Disease you will see further information about how cGvHD affects different body systems.

Also visit the website below for additional information on cGvHD:

Here is a leaflet on GvHD published by the Royal College of Nursing

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Photophoresis is one of the treatments used for cGvHD and we have information  and a link to the website produced by the Photophoresis team in Rotherham (click on the heading on the left).

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