It is likely to be upsetting the first time you need to tell someone about the death so it may be advisable to start with someone who knows you well and can support you.  There are family and friends to tell and some may need the news face to face (if possible) and those not quite so close can be told by telephone.  Some family and friends may be able to tell others, you do not necessarily have to tell everyone personally, you can delegate.  Telling family and friends is best done within the first day or two.  It is also a good idea to keep a list of who you have told and when, you may not be thinking straight after the death and writing things down is really useful.

Organisations and companies will also need to be informed as soon as possible, especially financial institutions like banks, building societies, pensions and benefits agencies as they will need to freeze the deceased’s accounts to prevent fraud. If possible have as much information to hand before you make the phone call, such as account numbers, sort codes etc.  Again write down who you have rung, when you informed them, who you spoke to and any instructions that they give you.

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