Coping with a transplant can cause distress and anxiety which is only to be expected, but there is help available so that you do not have to cope on your own.  People that can help you are your family, friends, your nurse specialist, doctor, social worker, psychologist and chaplain.  There is also advice that you may find helpful and lead you towards achieving a positive mental state:-

  • Maintain or develop good relationships with family, friends and the wider community.
  • Start or continue to be physically active.
  • Give to others – this can take many forms, from charity work to simple kindnesses.
  • Learn something new – this can promote positive feelings of achievement and self-confidence.
  • Take an interest in what is going on around you and in the world.

This is a very good article about dealing with your life after a transplant  which you may find helpful.

Coping with a transplant by Dr Peter Harvey, Consultant Psychologist who used to work at St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds.

Please also see sections on psychology, psychological support, chaplaincy and spirituality.

Natural Healing Meditation & relaxation

This government website has useful information about mental well-being:

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