It is normal to find the process of going through a stem-cell transplant emotionally challenging. Sometimes feelings may become more difficult to deal with on your own and this might be when you want to ask for some extra help. You may want to talk to someone separate to your family, the ward team or your specialist nurse and this is where the Clinical Psycho-Oncology Team can help .

The Clinical Psycho-Oncology Team can see people if they are having a stem-cell transplant as treatment for a cancer. The team is made up of Clinical Psychologists and Liaison Psychiatrists. They can meet with you on the ward or in a clinic to discuss how you are feeling about your situation. They will want to listen to your story from your point of view and think with you about what kind of help you might like. Sometimes this can be specific strategies to help you get through a difficult situation and sometimes this might be a space to talk about your feelings. The person who you meet from the team can talk to you more about the options.

If you feel that you (or a member of your family) would benefit from this kind of help, please mention it to one of the nurses or doctors involved in your care. They will then contact us with a brief summary of the difficulties you are experiencing. A member of the team will then contact you to arrange a time to meet.

If you are having a stem-cell transplant as treatment for another condition (other than cancer) then there may still be the option of support through the Liaison Psychiatry team. Ask your doctors or nurses if you would like to be referred to this service.

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Also see the section on psychology on this website.

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