Looking for some great ways to help raise funds? See our A-Z of fundraising, below. It’s full of ideas, big and small, on how you can raise much-needed funds and help support us.

A-Z of fundraising

Auction – ask local companies to donate prizes and hold an auction to get the best price
Afternoon tea – get baking and put the kettle on and treat people to an afternoon of eating drinking, whilst raising money. Also include a raffle or tombola to make a little bit extra!
Bingo – charge your friends for a game of bingo with the prizes
Bag pack – contact your local supermarket and ask if you can pack customers bags for a donation.
Bake off – hold a baking competition and charge people to enter their “show stopper” and then sell off the results all for a profit.
Collections – in local supermarkets, shops etc. ask for permission from the store/ shop manager before attempting to collect. We will happily supply you with a letter of authorisation and collection boxes.
Car wash – charge to wash cars for the day advertise in your local paper.
Competitions – devise your own competitions from “guess the famous baby picture” to “guess the film quote”.
Car boots sale – have a clear out and donate the money you make to charity or sell pitches
Collection boxes – talk to local businesses and shops asking if they would take a collection box for a period of time.
Doughnut sale – treat your friends to a delicious doughnut, stores like Krispy Kreme offer doughnuts at a special rate which means you can sell them on for a fundraising profit.
Dress down day – in the office or school and get people to donate to take part.
Disco/ Dance-a-thon – raise money whilst having fun dancing the night away.
Dog show – charge proud owners to show off their pampered pooches, ask a local pet store to donate a prize, and ask the owner to judge the competition, get local press involved.
Easter Egg Hunt – charge take part and ask local shops to donate to chocolate.
Eyebrows – get sponsored to shave them off, they will grow back, eventually!
Film night – set your front room up as a cinema, choose a classic film or musical and charge your friends to come and watch with a constant supply of chocolate, popcorn and fizzy drinks.
Fete – get the community involved and set up a fete, charge for stalls and a small entrance fee.
Face painting – get creative and offer face painting at local fetes or sales.
Five-a-side football – arrange a football match/ competition and charge teams to enter.
Give it up – whether its chocolate or alcohol get sponsored for giving up your favourite thing for a month.
Guess the number – from beans to sweets in a jar ask people to pay to guess and whoever gets closest gets to take the jar home.
Garden party – sell tickets or ask friends and family to make a donation and have a range of outdoor games and competitions.
Gardening – charge friends and family to do their gardening.
Head shave – get sponsored to get rid of your locks!
Halloween party – have a spooky themed fancy dress party for adults and children.
Ironing – most people hate it, so why don’t you do it and get ask for a donation in return!
Indoor market – either sell off your unwanted belongings or sell tables and charge a small entrance fee at your own market.
It’s a knockout – set up an ‘it’s a knockout’ style competition and charge people to enter, get a prize donated by a local company for the winner.
Individual gifts – set up a gift day, donate an hours pay, lunch money, coffee money great for the office.
Jailbreak – leave teams in the middle of no-where with no money or transport and see who gets back first. Charge teams to enter and ask local companies to donate prizes for the winners.
Jigsaw marathon – set a challenge of completing a jigsaw in the quickest time possible, charge people to enter and the winner gets a prize.
Jelly eating competition– great for children or adults and see who can eat the most jelly through a straw.
Karaoke night – all you need is a room and a machine, charge people to enter and give prizes for the best and worst singer.
Knit – get knitting and sell your wares at local fetes.
Left handed day – do everything with your left hand for the day and get sponsored.
Ladies who lunch day – charge your friends for a lovely lunch made by your own fair hands.
Matched giving – lots of companies will match some or all of any sponsorship raised, a great way to increase your sponsorship.
Mini-Olympics – set up a competition of silly and traditional games and charge people to enter.
Mile of pennies – ask shoppers in your local shopping centre to help by donating pennies, you can collect it all up at the end.
‘Night In’ – organise a night in with your friends and donate the money you would have spent.
Non uniform day – either at work or at school.
Open Garden – open up your garden and ask visitors to make a donation, you can also offer refreshments to make more fundraising profit.
Parachute jumps – get sponsored to fall out of an aeroplane, we have sites all over the country where you can jump for charity.
Pub games – ask your local pub if you could arrange an evening of games, quizzes, skittles and dominos to name but a few!
Photography competition – charge people to enter their favourite photo and give a prize for the winner.
Quiz nights – see if your local pub or community centre will let you hold a quiz night and charge teams to enter and have a cash prize for the winners.
Raffles – ask for donated items and raffle them off to friends and family.
Recipe book – ask local restaurants and chefs for their most popular recipes and make it into a book to sell.
Scrabble contest – charge people to take part and have a trophy for the winner
Street collection – you could ask your local council for permission to hold a street collection in your local town centre.
Slave auction and disco – before the event ask friends to offer their services for auction, cleaning windows, walking dogs, making a dress, decorating a room.
Sports event – if you belong to a sports club ask them to hold a charity day for your charity.
Safari Supper – travel from restaurant to restaurant for each course, ask local restaurants to support your cause and charge a set fee to cover the cost of the food and your fundraising.
Talent Competition – hold your own ‘Britain’s got Talent’ charge people to enter and have a prize for the most talented.
Treasure hunt – teams have to find clues, can be on foot or by car, to find hidden treasure. Charge to enter.
Teddy bears picnic – charge to enter and organise a clown face painter etc.
Underwear party – One for adults! Charge guests to come to a party wearing it or get commission for selling it.
Unwanted presents – arrange a sale of unwanted Christmas presents, sell tables/ ask traders for a cut of their takings.
Underwear out – get sponsored to wear your underwear on the outside and pretend you are a superhero!
Vegetable eating – get children to be sponsored to eat their greens!
Vintage car day – a great collection of bikes and cars always draws a crowd, charge a small entrance fee and sell refreshments and other fundraising stalls.
Word search – create a themed word search and charge people to play. Offer a prize for the winner.
Waxing event – get sponsored to have parts of your body waxed.
World food day – gather with friends and prepare foods from around the world and sell them on for a profit.
Xmas card donation – ask family and friends to donate the money they would have spent on xmas cards to your cause instead.
Yes Day – say yes to everyone’s demands (only reasonable ones) and get donations for your efforts.
Yoga marathon – only for the very supple!
Zoological quiz – create games and quizzes all about your favourite zoo animals.

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