Natural Healing, Meditation and Relaxation are based in the Complementary Therapy Room on Level 1, Bexley Wing within the Oncology Day Case Unit.

Healing is a natural energy therapy complementing conventional treatment and is non-invasive. It is holistic – treating the whole person and aims to help you to feel self-empowered through meditation using breathing exercises.

Benefits may include:

• Inner peace and strength
• Improvement in quality of life
• Warm reassurance
• Deep relaxation
• Relief from pain
• Ability to cope with stress and anxiety
• Improved sleep patterns

Natural healing is not an alternative to conventional therapies. The treatment is not curative and will not have an effect in reducing tumour size. However people say it gives them a feeling of well-being and the ability to cope. There is no conflict with any religious beliefs.

To experience natural healing and relaxation you will either sit in a chair or lie down on a therapy bed listening to music. There is no need to undress and with your permission a gentle touch may be used on the head or feet. It is not expected there will be any negative effects but in the unlikely event you feel worse following therapy please contact your GP. A free CD will be available to take home so you can practise the techniques if you find them helpful.

No appointment is necessary; it is a drop in service and a session can last for 15 minutes to an hour according your needs. You are welcome to bring a relative or friend if you wish. The service is available from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and is free of charge to all. A written consent form is provided confirming you have understood and agree to receive therapy.

Ruth Kaye, Natural Healer

There is also a Relaxation with Music Support Group which is held in the Faith Centre, Level 1, Bexley Wing from 11am to 12 noon on Fridays and all are welcome.

Please see the linked leaflet ‘Natural Healing, Meditation & Relaxation’ for more information.

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