The care that is available for young adults aged 18 to 24 years includes Ward 94 and the TYA (Teenage and Young Adult) service. Young adults who have blood or marrow transplants are cared for on Ward 89, which is the bone marrow unit, during their transplant, but there may be other times that they may spend on Ward 94.

Ward 94

The Young Adult Unit is funded by the Teenage Cancer Trust and is located on Ward 94, Level 5, Bexley Wing, St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds.  It provides day case care and a 9 bedded inpatient ward for young people on cancer treatment aged 18 to 24 years.

The ward has numerous facilities for young people including:

  • Youth Support Co-ordinator
  • Large day room with pool table, plasma screen TV and a juke box
  • Computer room with full internet connectivity and webcams
  • Games room with Playstation, Wii and X-Box available
  • Complementary therapies room
  • Kitchen facility for patients
  • Parents and relatives room
  • All beds have internet access
  • Laptops

Day room

Day room

Computer room


TYA service

All young adults being treated in the Yorkshire Cancer Network and the Humber and Yorkshire Coast Cancer Network have the support of the Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) team regardless of where they are being treated.  The TYA team work closely with each specific cancer team and community based teams.

The ethos of the team is to:

  • Enhance care and co-ordinate patient choice using age appropriate skills and TYA expertise
  • Provide equitable access to supportive care and the all-important peer group support
  • Enable the young person and their family to navigate their way through their cancer journey with support and guidance while retaining choice and control
  • Promote return to life after cancer
  • Provide the link between the different areas of care

All patients will have the support of the team regardless of where they are being treated. The team is mobile and will provide this support wherever you live and/or are having your treatment within the Yorkshire Cancer Network and the Humber and Yorkshire Coast Cancer Network.  The TYA Service team members work closely alongside the specialist cancer teams and community based teams.

The TYA Team

  • TCT Nurse Consultant
  • Macmillan TYA Clinical Nurse Specialist (Team Leader)
  • TYA Nurse Specialist for Shared Care
  • TYA Nurse Specialist
  • Macmillan TYA Nurse Specialist for Outpatients
  • Clic Sargent Social Workers
  • Youth Support Co-ordinators
  • Learning Mentor
  • Macmillan Clinical Psychologists
  • TYA MDT Co-ordinator

The Nurse Specialist role is to provide clinical, psychological and emotional support, advice and information.

The TYA Social Worker’s role is to provide  emotional and psychological support as well as advice on practical, employment and financial issues.

The Clinical Psychologist for TYA provides emotional and psychological support for the patient and their family.

The Youth Support Co-ordinator role is to provides social activities in and out of the hospital setting, promoting peer support and maintaining normality.

The TYA team focus on young people as individuals rather than defining them as cancer patients.  They are seen as young people first who happen to have cancer.


Contact Details

TCT Nurse Consultant 0113 3926285 (LGI)/ 2067799 (SJUH) or 07920845984 (Mobile)
Macmillan Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist  0113 3927378 or 07789938729 (Mobile) 
Clinical Nurse Specialist for TYA Shared Care 0113 3922367 (LGI)/ 2068729 (SJUH) or 07876475053 (Mobile)
Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist for Outpatients 0113 2068729 or 07789174322 (Mobile) 
TYA Clinical Nurse Specialist  0113 2068729 
Clic Sargent Social Workers  0113 3922558 
Macmillan Social Worker  0113 2068565 
TCT Youth Support Workers  0113 2068394 (Ward 94) or 07879385308 (Mobile)
Emma Maltby Fund Learning Mentor  0113 3923711
Macmillan Clinical Psychologist 0113 2065897
Ward 94, St James’s Hospital 0113 2068394


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